Thursday, September 11, 2014


The importance of giving, sharing, and appreciating cannot be understated. Learning to truly understand and live these core values is a lifelong undertaking that begins early. Connected to 'Teshiva, Tefila, and Tzedaka' we explored the mitzva or Tzedaka this week.

First the students had an opportunity to decorate our classroom Tzedaka box. 

The box is intentionally clear so we can witness the money accumulating. 
Then, from unused tzedaka boxes in storage, the students decorated their own personal pushka. [They used to say TDS on them, so if you want to bring it back when its full...]

Phase one of decorating involved permanent markers. Since the students had proved proficiency with Crayola, there was no apprehension. 
Then they learned the art of gluing (more brush wiping!) and added images to their boxes. 

We also read and discussed this old classic. 

Please send coins to school so we can enjoy doing this mitzvah together!

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