Saturday, September 6, 2014

Found Sound Garden

In keeping with our unit on sound and music, we looked at how everything around us makes sound. Then we tested objects from the recycling (upcycling) bin to see what sort of music they could each make.

 The sounds were interesting and varied. The children added lentils (my idea) and water (their idea) to the objects to see how the sounds altered.

Then we took some of the objects outside and made our Found Sound Garden. Found because the items were found, not purchased. Sound because of the beautiful melody it makes, and a garden because it is something lovely outside.
 Next to the playground there is this empty garden box with a metal frame. I don't know what its purpose is, but I know its 're-purpose'.

Teachers tied the'found' percussion instruments to the frame.

Then everyone was invited to make music!
 Everyone loved it!
Or in pairs

 or en masse
 Beautiful music was made by all.

 This activity contains many crucial components of education. It takes the world around the children and gives them experience and extension. They used creativity, trial and error, and cooperation. Senses, vocabulary, and creativity were all enhanced during the project. We have preserved something from the garbage and created something fun and beautiful to share with others.

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