Thursday, September 11, 2014

Saba Larry's Shofars

Today Saba Larry came to share his shofarot with us. He has an incredible shofar collection, and brought two for the Milestones to appreciate.
 He explained how a shofar is generally thought of as a ram's horn, but that it could be the horn of any kosher animal, except for a cow.
"Can an elephants horns be used?" he asked.
"No! They don't have horns. Elephants have tuks!" Yehuda was quick to explain.
"Right, tuks."
 He showed us a beautiful long skinny shofar from a kudu and a lovely rams horn.
 The audience was rapt.
 He explained all the notes and practiced them.
Saba Larry explained how Yaakov B. and anyone else at SBH or EB would have the pleasure of hearing the very special Teruah Gedola. He demonstrated it by blowing 100 sounds!

Thank you Saba Larry!

 Back in our classroom we worked on our shofar project. But it is made from recycled goods, not an animal.
And we read Shofy and Blowfy, and compared them to Saba Larry's shofarot and our own feelings about sharing.

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