Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweet as...

We dip apples in honey for Rosh Hashana for a sweet year. Honey is sweet. So are other things. But is sweetness our favorite and what else do we like?
To test our tastes, everyone who wanted, enjoyed a taste of two different types of honey; wildflower and clover. 
 Everyone agreed they were both sweet, and 'a little different, but mostly the same'. Audrey refused to taste honey.
Next we tried some sugar. "Can I have some more?" was a reoccurring question. In spite of 'pleases' the answer was still 'no'.

We moved on to salt. I thought salt would be liked as well. I was wrong. Jacob turned green and had a coughing fit. We discussed the difference between sweet and salty.

And then finally we moved on to sour. Everyone tried a lemon wedge. This was the first thing Audrey was enthusiastic about trying. 

  I was surprised by how well-received lemons were.  Yehuda was very disappointed there weren't more. Maybe we should dip apples in lemon juice. It wouldn't oxidize and...that's another science lesson. For today we learned about the variety of taste, how it relates to our individual senses, and had a fun community bonding experience. 

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