Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Logging it!

Today at recess, the boys asked me to move a large log to another area of the playground. 
"I can't move that! It is too big for me to move," I replied, assuming they would move on and focus on something else. 
"Okay, then we will move it ourselves," Yehuda said.
Jacob held is hand to his ear as though it was a phone, "Yes, we are going to move the log to the work site. I need a whole crew, but we will move it to the foundation." 
I don't know to whom he placed his call, but a crew quickly materialized in front of the log. 

Jacob stood in front them, directing and making beeping sounds to indicate the danger of a large object moving. 

 And it actually moved! With the effort of children combined, the log began to roll. More students came to assist in the exciting project of log rolling.

Everything about this was impressive. The students were not dissuaded by my inability to move the log and showed great determination. Jacob's creativity is always entertaining. The group work towards achieving a goal was heartwarming. 

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