Friday, May 5, 2017

Trip to Israel

The preschool boarded the plan and waited for take-off.

 They flew half way around the world, to Eretz Yisroel!
 The passengers were very well-behaved.

 After the long journey, we landed in Ben Gurion Airport.

 Passangers were welcomed, "Beruchim Habayim", and their passports (or hands) were stamped.
The first destination was Yerushalayim, to the Kotel.
 Students wrote notes (It might look like another religion praying, but this is note writing.) to place in the wall.

Gave tzedakah. 

The kedusha was appreciated by all.

The next stop was Beer Sheva for an archaeological dig.

 Everyone was allowed to keep one treasure.

While in the south, we headed for a dip in the Dead Sea.

 Everyone got to try floating objects in the salty water.

We discovered only rocks sink.
 Then we put on the nutrient rich mud.

After our relaxing time in the south, we headed to Tzfat and joined artists in creating masterpieces.

Then we went snorkeling in the Kineret.

Before leaving Israel, everyone had the opportunity to shop. Using Israeli currency and Hebrew, everyone bought an 'arctic'. 

After a fantastic, whirlwind trip, everyone returned home. The students eagerly discussed when they would go to Israel in 'real, real life'.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trip to the Planetarium

Today was our trip to the planetarium and Pacific Science Center! Hopefully your child provided a full report. Here are some pictures to accompanyany their summary.
 Seeing a 3-D version of the planets.
 Weight on other planets.

 Moon puzzle

Celestial Storms

Testing orbits
In a space craft!
 The actual planetarium (I'm curious what the children thought about it. This was the most disappointing part of the trip for me.)
 Galaxy exploration.

Touch pond

The butterfly room!

In the butterfly room, a wonderful museum employee, Ari, gave us a botany lesson. He showed us some interesting plants, including pineapple, coffee, and chocolate trees.  He explained pollination and infestation, the connection between insects and plants. This was my highlight of the trip. As most of the students shared my enthusiasm, the next scientific area of study is likely to be horticulture.