Thursday, December 18, 2014

Archaeology of Hannukah

Today we looked at the idea of archaeology.  The idea of death is something discussed with some frequency in our room, from reminiscing about relatives who are no longer with us to clarifying that Torah personalities are 'dead now'. Today we had a frank discussion about how even though our neshama [soul] goes up to Hashem when we die (no one asked where bodies go, so that was not discussed) our "stuff" stays right where it is.
Then we explored how over time our things could get covered and hidden and archaeologists dig for them.
The students tried an excavating in the sand.

 And making rubbings of their findings.
And did more archaeology during recess.
We read  which is about excavating in Modiin and finding ruins from the Maccabees. If we had more time, further exploration of the Hannukah history uncovered in archaeology of Israel.

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