Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A great time

Coming back from winter break we will hit the ground running with a theme in which many students had expressed interest: Letters!
All of the letters are looked at in different fun ways.
 Finding parking the space corresponding to a letter.
 ("P& R are almost the same!" Naftali exclaimed. Most children would have said, "They are almost twins." His firsthand knowledge that the definition of 'twins' is not 'identical' is noteworthy.)
 Mo decided magna-tiles would be more fun if he hid letters in the levels. (It was all his idea!)

The tactile joy of finding letters in the sand.

We are starting our focus at the beginning.

We explored the shape, sound, and frequency of the letter 'a'. 

 Using popsicle sticks, the students worked to make a capital A.
 Everyone did a lovely job manipulating the sticks into the letter!

Then the children had a chance to write it themselves and feel it by finger painting 'a's.

We looked at the frequency of the letter 'a' in our names.

This will continue all week. Next week we will 'B' back!

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