Thursday, January 15, 2015

We'll B there!

Building on our week of 'A', we are moving onto 'B'. Generally I do not actively teach literacy to this age group, but my class really wants it. "Now school is really hard because I am learning real letters," one student boasted, so proud. Of course we are play-based learning. Countless fun words begin with the letter 'B' so there were many possibilities for exploration and play.
We blew bubbles, marveling at their surface tension. 

We embraced mathematical reasoning with Balancing Bears.

 But this quickly turned into another activity.  Connecting home and school, real and imagination, students began designating bear families. Each bear represented a different family member of each student, based on color and size.

Architectural fun with a Basket of Blocks.

Beading, which each child embraced according to their interest. This was very interesting and will hopefully be its own blog post.

Then there was Beautiful art.

 We painted a Big B.
 Painting is a fun, artistic activity for crucial motor development.
Then we folded the painting in half to make a Beautiful Butterfly!

We colored different "b"s.
 This is fun and a good precursor to traditional schooling.
 Almost everyone enjoys coloring.

"C" you next week!

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