Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beshalach: It is all 'D'ivine

Parashat Beshalach during 'D' week is fortuitous like B week for Vaera.  In Beshalach, the Red Sea splits and Bnei Yisrael walk through to freedom.  When Yam Suf closes and the Jewish people know they are free, they grab drums and dance. (I am sure you noticed the 'd' words there.)
I was unsure what to make our drums from and was about to email requests for recycling bin items, when Ava's mother offered us metal baskets. (I was even more excited about this than the hula-hoops.) Obviously they were perfect for drums.
First everyone practiced scissor skills by cutting out diamonds. (D!) (Scissor skills are crucial for muscle development in hands and bilateral coordination)

 Then we decoupaged (D!) the diamonds onto the drums. (More than a D word, decoupaging is a great sensory experience.)

Today I dressed up as Miriam and retold the story of the sea splitting. We made it through the split sea (see the blue fabric in the door way).

Then, with drums in hand, we sang and danced. (Thank you, Sasha, for getting pictures).

 It was hard to dance and drum at the same time (I guess maybe 'tof' does translate to tambourine and not drum in this context) so we lined them up and continued dancing.

Then we started our walk to Israel (or the local park).

 Very soon after, the Isralites complained of hunger. (How did they already know what will be in future parshiot?!?) We had snack and then went to play. 

On the return trip, the students pointed out that the grass was like Yam Suf and the path was the dry land. Love how they are always reapplying information in new ways.

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