Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Veggie Party!

Today was our celebration of vegetables!
We looked at them, marveled at their many colors, and discussed their health value.

"Eating vegetables help us grow so much! They help keep us healthy. So we are going to make ourselves out of vegetables!"

The students selected vegetables from your wonderful contributions.

"I don't usually like carrots, but I will try them," Jacob announced. 
"I also didn't like them, but then I tried them with dip and they are yummy!" encouraged Moshe Leib.
 Then they churned out some masterpieces. Above is an uncanny self-portrait of Audrey.

 "Me and my legs!" Naftali later added arms and a few more features. 

"I made a circle instead of myself," Elchanan explained as he enjoyed tasting his creation.  

Then we enjoyed eating our healthy selves. 

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