Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spirituality on the Playground

 Here is a glimpse of something I had the pleasure of overhearing on the playground.

"The black is there so we can't be seen," Naomi Bina explained. [She was referring to the blackout on the playground fence which was added a few months ago.]
"I can still be seen," Audrey remarked.
"No, it is so bad people can't see us," Ava explained.
"No one can see us!" Naomi Bina insisted.
"Hashem can see us! He sees us EVERYWHERE. He can see us through the black," Ava expressed.
"Because Hashem is good. But bad people can't see us," Audrey concluded.

Meanwhile spiritual reflection was also occurring with sidewalk chalk.  
 "I made a ladder," Naftali announced. 
"A fix-it man ladder!" Yaakov announced. 
"No," Yehuda objected. "It is your ladder. It is Yaakov's. There are angels going up and down on it."
"And it goes all the way up to shamayim [heaven]," Naftali added, drawing a sun at the top. 

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