Monday, November 24, 2014

Watching Scaffolding in Action

In the world of education, the word "scaffolding" is often used. Similar to its context in building construction, it involves providing temporary layers of support (information, experiences, guidance) around the student, so the person can strengthen from within. If that isn't clear, you can read a thorough definition here.
To me, it means the pleasure of watching the students apply the information they have to everything around them in new and exciting ways. The retention and reapplication is incredible and constant. Here is an example.

On the table were a selection of recycled goods for 'upcycle art'. This was a completely open-ended opportunity to do whatever the kids wanted. With tape, scissors, and glue, they got to work.
Yehuda announced he was making an airplane.  Remember when they became aviation experts here?
Then Jacob announced he built a mailbox. Remember the mailbox theme we had earlier? I didn't blog it, but families received Rosh Hashana cards in the real mail.
Ori took a milk carton, decorated it, and announced that he had built Noah's Ark. Another area of their newly acquired expertise here.
Others followed suit on this idea and built other ships.
"Let's see if they float!" suggested Audrey. Remember that one? Off they ran to the tactile bin to test it out.

It is thrilling to see how their brains apply information. I love assisting in scaffolding these beauties.

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