Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Noach Experience

The week we read parashat Noach. I put up some pictures of Noach, the Teva, and some animals. I stressed that these pictures were drawn by someone and although the Torah contains the story of Noach, there are no pictures and we don't know exactly what anything looked like. The children were intrigued that if they drew a picture it would be no less accurate than the ones on the wall. 

I intentionally tell the story over a few days, so the children have time to reflect upon and experience the different parts.

Here is what we are experience thus far:
Building the Teva.

Testing buoyancy and building in the water.

Locating the animals in their natural habitat.

Loading the animals onto the ark.
The children turned this into a show and enjoyed watching each other on the Teva.

We also experienced the science here.

Tomorrow we will start with the rain falling...

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