Thursday, October 30, 2014

Skills in Sports

As children age and develop, it is a pleasure to watch their abilities grow. On the playground I enjoyed watching the children making a big step forward in their understanding of recreational activities.
 The jump-ropes on the playground are used for a litany of items, from pulling items to roping off areas. But until today I never saw them used as an actual jump rope. In pairs, the girls swung the rope around. No one attempted to jump, but the coordination, teamwork, and effort involved in this step was remarkable.
 A basketball net and balls are new to our playground. Unprompted, the boys each found a ball, worked on their dribbling and shooting. You might think 'Obviously, what else would one do with a net and basketball?' But if you compare Naftali dribbling to the toddler sitting on the ball in this picture, you can see the transition in play. They will, naturally and with some guidance develop into real sportsman. 
When Seattle gets an NBA team, we might have some players for it. 

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