Thursday, November 6, 2014

Problem Solving From Within

For the last few days, a new recess game of "Annoying the Girls" has developed. It involved many Tiny Tots as well.  I believe the girls are sort of enjoyed this, as they acted very dramatically in response, but I regularly needed to redirect the play, and calm frustrated children.  Naomi Bina was very responsible and would seek a teacher before the situation escalated but a teacher can only do so much.

I didn't see a clear way to remedy the situation and hoped they would bore of it on their own.

But Jacob had a plan!
I wish I caught Jacob on video. He gathered the boys around him, and spoke in a deep and scary voice.  "I am the police man! You will all go to jail if you are mean to the girls. If you chase after the girls or are mean, you are a bad guy. All bad guys will go to jail. If you are good , you will stay with me and we will fight for good! Good guys, this way!" He ran off and they followed.

As you can image, this was far more effective than my, "Naftali, do you see how you upset your friend Audrey? What can we do about this?"

The boys listened and ran after Jacob to be good guys. By then I was filming it, and this is what I captured.

I would like to say that they all listened to Jacob and never thought of returning to bothering the girls, but...

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