Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hearts with Dr. Tabitha

Today we had a special visit from Dr. Tabitha Werblud because we are learning all about our bodies and staying healthy. This whole unit was initiated because when children were out sick, we discussed what parts of them were sick, how, and what it means. 

Prior to her arrival the children were uncertain of why a doctor would visit school and very concerned they were getting shots. 

Dr. Tabitha came to teach us about our hearts. 

"Do you know what the heart is for?"
"Loving people," Yehuda answered confidently.
"Actually it is to pump blood around your body," she began to explain, demonstrating the pumping motion with her hands.
"And for loving people," Adina added.
"And loving Hashem," Elchanan said. 

Dr. Tabitha explained a lot about the heart. The children looked at their veins and arteries (I learned the pink when you pull down your eye lid is an artery). 

The took their pulses while resting. Then they jumped around and rechecked.

Dr. Tabitha brought in pictures of the heart. Naomi wanted to know why it doesn't look "like a real heart". 

Everyone learned a lot and had a lot of fun. 

Thank you Dr. Tabitha for teaching our Pre-K, Pre-Med. 

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