Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Counting on Thanksgiving

Honestly, Thanksgiving is hard for me to teach. Between my decade away from America, my emotional struggle with the mistreatment of the natives, and the meaning of secular holidays through a Jewish lens, Thanksgiving is not something I am passionate about. 
But the children should know something about the upcoming long weekend. 
I summarized the [false] Thanksgiving story of the friendship between the Pilgrims and Indians and how they celebrated with yummy food, especially turkey.

The project was connected to our on-going study of numeracy, number recognition, and sequencing.  
They colored a turkey that had numbers on each feather.

After cutting out the turkeys, the children received pre-cut paper feathers with numbers on them. 
The children then attempted (or didn't) to glue the numbers onto the corresponding spot on the turkey. I stapled the turkeys onto cups so they could stand.
It is always fascinating to see the differences in effort, creativity, and ability.

Whatever Thanksgiving means to you, have a wonderful day and great long weekend.
Gobble Gobble!

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