Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tu B'Shvat

Tu B'Shvat has transformed over the years, from a reference in the Mishna to a Kabalastic celebration in Tzefat, to cultural fruticas seder, to an eco-friendly festival.  Most important, of course, is the Tu b'Shvat experience in our preschool! :) 

We learned about trees, their importance, and the significance of Tu B'Shvat. 

 We practicing counting and number recognition in building tiny trees. 
 Coloring the Shivat Haminim, the seven foods Hashem gave extra blessings to growing in Israel. 
 Tree parts to explore. I assumed this would be for scientific exploration. Ariela and Ori decided they were a family of trees and did beautiful imaginative play together. 

We used tree pieces to make tree pictures. Branches were used as paintbrushes to paint branches. (Life imitates art, or something like that).

 Corks (from a tree trunk) were used to paint the tree trunks. 

When we got outside, Yitzy wished "Happy Birthday" to each tree he passed. Yochanan started singing "Happy Birthday" and Yitzy, Ori, and Elisha happily joined in.  The girls gather around too. At "How old are you now?" they began calling out many numbers.  "Stop, stop. The tree are more than 100!!!! We'll never get that high!," Yochana yelled. At that, he sped off on his bike.

 Judah requested sidewalk chalk to 'make a cake for the trees'.  (This 'cannibalism' was minor compared to the paper, wood, and tree pieces I 'wasted', during our morning activities.) 
 Tree cake making was fun!

And tree art. 
 And playing tree ice cream store. 

After lunch we joined all the preschool for a tree party.

 Everyone had a tree party crown.
 We heard a story, ate yummy fruit, and  cake. 

Tu b'Shvat Sameach!!!

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