Friday, January 8, 2016

Book 2: The Foot Book

Our second book for our Adventures in Books Series was The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss, selected by Judah. 
In addition to being about feet, it is a book about opposites, using Dr. Seuss' famous rhymes and rhythm. 

We start the day with activities reflecting many components of the book. 

Matching feet to their animal.

 A game of finding rhyming words.

And coloring pictures of feet.

Later we learned about opposites and played a group game with them.

 We practiced left and right feet (with moderate success).

Then we removed our shoes and tested how opposites feel on our feet.

 Wet and dry (water beads and felt) as well as rough and smooth (sand and shaving cream) created some exciting sensory experiences.

Finally we used our fingers to made funny feet to put on top of our real feet. 

What fun we had with our feet and The Foot Book. 
Thank you, Judah for your choice.

Tomorrow we will adventure with Chana and "Is It Shabbos Yet?"

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