Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adventures in Books: Pinkalicious

The best part about our pajama party (other than the ice cream) was snuggling up together for some classic stories.  This term we are continuing this interest by exploring everyone's favorite books. 

Each child will chose their favorite book (I have some veto power) and we will spend a day or two experiencing the book. 

Orlee chose first, bringing in Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann.  For those of you unfamiliar with the book, it is about the dangers of artificial color. 

The free choice activities were connected to the book.
Pink play-dough cupcake making.

 Pinkalicious coloring pages.

 Efforts to help Pinkalicious reach the top of the fridge.

Everyone was enjoying these activities when students began to ask, "Can we make real cupcakes?" 

Of course!

With the ingredients, we practiced math and taking turns while we began to bake. 
 What color should we make?
 "Pink!" They said.
They really did turn out pink!
 Everyone gobbled up a cupcake. 
And then the strangest thing began to happen.
 Faces turned pink!

 Hands turned pink!

And bellies were the color of a sunset!  (We didn't really look)

After showing everyone we had turned into Pinkalicious and Peter, we went to the library to enjoy more books.

Tomorrow we will embark on Judah's favorite, The Foot Book. Stay tuned!

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