Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Is It Shabbos Yet?

Chana selected the book Is It Shabbos Yet? Therefore we spent Friday doing what Malkie, the protagonist, does; excitedly anticipating Shabbat!
In the morning we pretend played many scenes from the book.

We went grocery shopping.

 Got dressed in our Shabbat clothes.

 Set the table and began Shabbat.

 We painted Shabbat pictures.

 And Chana shared her very own special Shabbat box.
Then we began really preparing for real Shabbat by making challah.

 Some students preferred to pretend play this activity while others were thrilled to really make the dough.

Everyone enjoyed shaping the real dough.

 Some of the designs, like Yochanan's 6 braid and Ori's 10 braid, were truly stunning.

For our craft, we decorated white apron's like Malkie and her mother wear while preparing for Shabbat.

This was an interesting experience because being "inside the book" was so similar to our regular lives.

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