Sunday, October 11, 2015

Playing with 'Big Kids'

At recess Orlee and Chana came to me to report that a Tiny Tot student was following them around. 
"Where?" I asked because I really didn't see anyone.
Chana looked behind her. "I guess they went away. But they were following us around a lot." 
I  explained that the person probably wanted to play with them but might not have all the words to ask, because they are so young. "But even if they do have the words, asking someone bigger than you if you can play with them might feel hard or scary. When the big kids come outside and you want to play with them, do you ever feel worried they won't want to play with you?"

The girls were attentive and then wandered off to play.
Based on their next action, I assumed they mulled over the social hierarchy and communication skills. 

 Although the 'big kids' do happily play imaginative games and ride trikes with preschoolers (or this), there is one game which is off-limits.
Big kids never let preschool join in something as competitive as Four Square. 

 While we were the only ones outside, they decided to take full advantage of the court and try to be big. 
But of course, they know the social cues and when the 'big kids' came out, they withdrew from the court. 

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