Sunday, October 11, 2015

Berry Fun

There was a new toy on the playground today, a gift from Hashem; a tree bursting with beauitful red berries.
"They are poisonous! You can't eat them!" Judah yelled.
"I know. But I can still touch them," Yochanan replied.
"Don't eat them!" Yitzy yelled, coming outside and seeing his friend at the tree.
"I know!" Yochanan replied, frustrated at the repeated message. "But we can still play with them."
"Yes! Let's make poisonous pretend food!" They grabbed some berries and ran off to play.

Michal was riveted by the berries. She wanted to touch them over and over. She tried to stand on a bike to get more, but was directed to the safer option of a chair to pick them.  Ori and the Tiny Tots cheered her on as she gathered more and more. 

 The Tiny Tots were also mesmerized by the shiny red balls on the tree.

 Everyone wanted the sensory experience of touching and popping the berries.
 And everyone worked together to make sure no one ate one.

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