Saturday, October 31, 2015

Count On It

It started, like everything else, during Creation.
We counted the days Hashem spent making the world. And we began to actively count things all around the room.
We counted pairs in games.
 We counted animals for Noach's teva.
 We counted stars in the sky for Avraham's promise.

 We counted money.

 Number Puzzles

 Numerals and counting
We count ourselves often, playing many number games.

This is just a part of early numeracy where we are focusing.
We are currently working on:

  • Counting
  • one-on-one correspondence
  • How many?
  • More / less
  • Recognizing numerals

Some of our classroom techniques:
  • Promote the concept of one-to-one correspondence through kinesthetic learning – Letting the child combine the assignment of each number word with the physical act of either moving, touching with a finger, or at least pointing at the object it represents.
  • Provide activities that allow the child to easily see and physically deal with objects.
  • Use comparison words
  • Provide plenty of materials with numerals alongside the number written out and corresponding objects that add up to the number
  • Invite the children to group or sort objects and materials during art, science or other activities and routines
  • Sing songs and fingerplays that include numbers
  • Use numbers as you talk with children about what they are doing
  • Recite the sequence of counting words up to the required number and in the correct order.

Please practice numbers with your kids whenever you can. Counting steps, cars on the way to shul, identifying numerals all around you. Those little brains are constantly working; give them something worthwhile to process!

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