Friday, September 4, 2015

Shofar, so good!

We start the school year with the blasts of the shofar.

We have had many discussions about the shofar. The children have shared their pre-acquired knowledge, like that it is a ram's horn.

Then we discussed the sound.

"The sound is beautiful!"
"No, it sounds scary."
"It makes me feel funny inside when I hear it."
"It makes lots of different sounds."
"But only if you blow it. Never hit it."

Every insight was worthwhile.
We heard books about shofar, like "Shofy and Blowfy".
We compared different shofars and concluded that they all look different and sound different but are all wonderful - just like us!

We practiced our crayon 'rules' (paper stays on, no snapping) and colored 2-D shofarot.

 We painted 3-D shofarot on cups and practiced our painting 'rules' (wear a smock, wipe the brush, return the brush to the right color). They were lovely!

These cups work like shofarot, as they are also wind instruments. 

And we enjoyed a toy shofar in our pretend play corner.

Thank you, Rabbi Chait, for sharing your shofar with us!

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