Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How The Blacktop Got Its Stripes

This summer, our playground got the incredible enhancement of a blacktop. The blacktop is wonderful for many reasons, including the riding toys are more enjoyable and mud is minimal. 
The preschool loves the new blacktop, but to further enhance its fun, markings for a basketball court, four square, and hopscotch were added. Whether or not we make use of these additions, we enjoyed watching the workers stripe our field.
First we enjoyed looking at the worker's truck. The students enjoyed spotting the letters on their stencils and comparing them to the stencils in our room.
Although the truck was interesting, everyone was interested in their funny car/bike/painting gizmo.
 A few kids sat, waiting patiently for the man to start. 

 Finally he did! It was amazing!
 Quickly everyone came to see the magic happen.

Children love observing all the wonderful things which happen to shape our world.

I thought the completed stripes would primarily be for 'the big kids'. But preschool is putting them to good use too.

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