Friday, August 28, 2015

Shabbat and Gender Roles

Children learn from their observations and create their own ideas about the world. It is always remarkable to hear their ideas. Here are snapshot examples relating to gender roles and Shabbat:
 First Chaya and Chana prepared the 'home corner' for Shabbat. It was all ready but Chana announced, "We can't have Shabbat without an Abba. He will make Kiddush for us." When Ori arrived they excitedly welcomed him into their play and outlined his responsibilities as father.
 Quickly this play area filled up with friends. 
"Ori, that is a girl's tie!" remarked Lainey.
"No it isn't," he protested. 
"It is because it is pink. And pink is only for girls," she explained.
"But is it a tie. And ties are only for boys," was his rebuttal.
"But I wear ties in my hair," Ariela added to the debate.
"I am a boy and I am wearing it!" Ori concluded. 
Lainey nodded.
 Everyone enjoyed playing and discussing Shabbat.
"Why do you have the knife?" Yitzy asked.
"Because" Chaya replied.
"Only Tatties get to touch knives!" he exclaimed.
"Oh!" Chaya replied and hurried to pass it over.

 "Mommies know what time Shabbat starts!" Lainey explained, setting the time for candle lighting.
Shabbat Shalom!

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