Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Pesach Experience

You are busy preparing for Pesach in your homes. We are busy preparing ourselves for Pesach at school. From all of these activities, everyone should have understanding of Seder and Pesach.

The children were already experts in the story of the Exodus from Egypt from learning about it in the parshiot of Shemot. Like here, and here. They were thrilled to be able to anticipate which plague comes next and how Paroh will react. But this time the experiential piece was a little different.  


 The tactile table was filled with red floral beads. The sensory experience is amazing and the imaginative play which ensued was hilarious.
This giant frog is attacking Paroh!

Trays of magic sand became a reoccurring theme of Egyptian life.
First the trays included molds to make pyramids and the students delighted in making structures.
After the plagues began, the molds were removed. I don't have pictures of anyone playing without the molds because no one really did. They activity was no longer enjoyable. I told the students how Paroh made their work harder and harder.

The plagues happened in the sands of Egypt and the students enjoyed burying cattle, dropping hail, and flying locust with sand.

 Students also enjoyed playing Pesach. They assigned roles, sang seder songs, and hunted for the Afikomen.

Of course we are busy Pesach cleaning too.

 We have done so much more, but this is just a snapshot!

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