Tuesday, March 10, 2015

K is for...


 Kitchen utensils!

Then we brainstormed possibilities for 'k' crafts. The ideas we came up with were making key chains, kaleidoscope, kangaroo pouches, kitten ears, or kites. We voted a few times, working on counting, and kite making won. 
Truthfully, I had mixed feelings about this. I was thrilled at their independence in creating and choosing an activity. But I am not good at kite making and I didn't want to do something I wasn't confident about. My lack of confidence in kite building stems from my efforts to make kites last summer at Camp Yavneh (see here). To try and rectify this, I surveyed former campers and made various trial kites with other TDS students. Still nothing flew well. 
 Then Morah Racheli found instructions for a kite from a single piece of paper.
 The students made the paper beautiful!
 Morah Racheli assembled them and the students flew them!
Ignore the sound. It is just so you can see they actually flew.

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