Friday, April 1, 2016

Kelsey Creek Farm

Our day on the farm was wonderful! The weather was fantastic, the children were delightful, and the animals were engaging.

 The children asked the animals to show us their hooves so they could see if they were kosher.
 Almost all the animals obliged them.
 They delighted in the sheep's feet and fur.

 The disappointment in lack of split hooves on bunnies was quickly replaced with excitement over their general cuteness.
 "Chickens don't have split hooves and chew their cud so how can they be kosher?"  Elisha sagely observed.

 The pig refused to show us his hooves, but that was okay, because he might have tried to convince us he was kosher.
 "That is not a cute pink pig," Lainey observed disappointingly.

 When the horse showed us his hooves the children were disappointed.
 "You are not kosher, but you are beautiful," Chana informed the horse.
 The horse tails were braided. "They are Elsa horses!" Michal exclaimed.

We are experts in kosher animals and had a wonderful day!

Since there were no cows on the farm, we had a cow to milk in class the next day.

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