Friday, April 15, 2016

Chametz Versus Pesach Food

Distinguishing between chametz and food which can be eaten on Pesach is an important skill, beginning when we are young and continuing forever (Sorting is an important component of daily executive function. Knowing which foods are acceptable for Peach is a yearly issue.) 
We began sorting our plastic foods in the sensory table. I removed the corn and other kiniyot for the sake of simplicity and they began sorting.
"I don't like to eat this, so can I say it isn't okay for Pesach?" asked Judah. 
 "I want to eat cookies on Pesach," remarked Pooky.
"Are potato chips okay for Pesach?" asked Yochanan.
"If they are just oil and potatoes and marked okay for Pesach, yes," I replied. The wheels in his head were spinning. 
"Then french fries would be okay too!" he exclaimed. Congratulations on a making a gezerah shavah, Yochanan! 

This sorting was fun, but we made it much more fun in the multi-purpose room.

We split into two teams, Pesach versus Chametz. At first Chametz was worried that they were considered bad, but I explained that eating the Chametz is a big mitzvah before Pesach. 
I poured the plastic food on the floor and handed each team a broom. They had to select a food item which matched their team name and use the broom to get it to their finish line. 

Loads of fun, gross motor coordination, Pesach learning. Now they are ready to help sweep your house and prepare the food for Pesach!

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