Tuesday, November 15, 2016

If You Give a Pre-Ker a Muffin...

Today MacPherson's (remember when we went there?) had 10 lbs of bananas for $.99.  This was clearly a sign that we needed to bake, the most delicious way to reinforce mathematics.
 Peeling (pincher fingers in action)

 Mashing (sensory feedback)
 Taking turns to add all the ingredients and stirring.

During this process, we worked on number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, mentioned fractions, and number to objective correlation. 

The muffins were done but the children were not.

"I love baking! We should bake more!" suggested Allison.  
"Yeah!!!" almost everyone agreed.
"No, I don't like baking. Except chocolate cookies," Nechama shared.
"We should bake lots more. And then have a bake sale," suggest Syma.
"Yeah!" agreed Yitzy. "We'll be like the big kids."
"We could open a bakery," added Yaakov, excitedly. "And we'll make lots of money! When the school runs out of money, we will give them ours."

I think their plan (for selling baked goods) is an amazing one, involving so many valuable educational components!  IYH, we will move forward on this, making the Pre-K Snack Shop. We hope to sell our baked good as part of a healthy snack option for the whole school. 

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