Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Different Playground

The lack of enthusiasm about our outdoor time has not only been noted by the staff. This morning, during free play, Yochanan drew and painted a beautiful picture.
"This is a playground. But not the one for recess. This is a really fun one. There is a high slide, and a merry-go-round, and really fun things," he explained. 
This clear and stunning request needed to be granted. We went to the park!
The whole preschool went, the weather was stunning and everyone had a blast! 
The park looks a lot like Yochanan's picture!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sounds Like Fun on the Playground

On cold, wet days the playground lacks appeal. We  know the importance of being outside and having gross motor play time, so we have been brainstorming ideas to make recess time more fun. We have many ideas, but haven't brought them to fruition yet. Last week, some of the older students took care of it for us.
During a shared recess, they had band practice!
 Izzy on drum, Jacob on ukulele, and Donny using drum sticks on the playground equipment combined, making something exciting for the preschool. 
 For weeks, preschoolers had not climbed onto the play structure and now they were all eagerly on it.

 Or on the ground, dancing to the music.
 Or on the structure, dancing.

 The audience was rapt.
"Is there a certain song you would like them to play?" I asked Ori, as he sat transfixed by their sound.
"No, I love everything they are doing," he replied.